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Netscape Mail 3.X

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Netscape 3.x Mail Configuration

bulletBegin by opening Netscape.
bulletThen Click "Options"
bulletFrom the pulldown menu click "Mail and News Preferences".
bulletThe "Preferences" window will be displayed.
bulletClick the "Servers" tab.
bulletIn the Outgoing mail (SMTP) Server box type mail.dluxhlink.com
bulletIn the Incoming mail(POP3) Server box type mail.dluxlink.com
bulletIn the POP3 User Name box type your login name. (johndoe)
bulletIn the "News (NNTP) Server" box type news.dluxlink.com.
bulletNow click the "Identity" tab.
bulletType your email address in the "Your Email" box (ie. johndoe@dluxlink.com)
bulletAll other entries are optional on this screen
bulletClick OK and you're done.



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