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We expect other drivers to observe the rules of the road and the same is true as we travel through cyberspace. Here are a few pointers to help you out:
Avoid using all caps.


To personalize your messages, you can use smileys, also known as emoticons (These are more prevelant in chat rooms but are also used in emails), expressions you create from the characters on your keyboard. A few popular ones include:
:-) Happy :-e Disappointed
:-( Sad :-< Mad
:-o Surprised :-D Laughing
:-@ Screaming ;-) Winking
:-I Indifferent

Other chat room shortcuts are listed below

<BTW>         By The Way
<G>         grinning
<IMHO>         In My Humble Opinion
<ROTFL>         Rolling on the Floor Laughing

 If you have any other suggestions that we can add to this list, do not hesitate to email them to the Webmaster

Keep in mind that anything you post to a newsgroup or type into a chat session is a public comment. You never know who's reading it, or who may copy it and spread it around.

Netiquette isn't something you learn overnight, so don't let your fear of not knowing cyber-protocol hold you back.

Keep in mind that FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) are very handy documents to read before asking questions. You should always consult them whenever they are available.

Responsibility in a Virtual World

The Internet is a strange and wonderful network that has made it possible for people all around the world to connect with each other in meaningful ways. Whether for research, education, business, or fun, the Internet has changed how many of us live, work, and play, in ways we may not even be fully aware of.

As the Internet continues to evolve, so do the issues that impact the way we use it. Whether you are the consummate user or just an occasional driver on the information super highway, you play a role in determining the future direction of this road. From privacy, security, and freedom of speech to honesty and consideration in the way we interact with others, we all have a responsibility to preserve and protect its unique character. That means recognizing that while the medium is in many ways a reflection of the physical world, it is in other ways, fundamentally different -- manifesting its own customs and practices.



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