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Eudora Mail

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Eudora Mail

1. Download the latest version of Eudora from the Eudora website. Select the version appropriate to your platform (Macintosh, Windows 3.1, or Windows 95/NT) -- at the browser prompt, select desktop as your download location (you'll later use the icon this creates to setup Eudora Light.  

2. The new icon on your desktop (or in the directory you saved the file to) will setup the program and create a program group and icons.

Configuring Eudora Light

3. Start the Eudora program by selecting its program group and icon. When Eudora starts a setup screen will appear with the "Getting Started" button on the left highlighted  (you may have to scroll up to find this button); asking for specific information, which should be filled out as follows:

   Pop Account = your e-mail address (username@dluxlink.com)

   Real Name = your name as you want it to appear in your e-mails (John Doe, or John and Jane Doe, etc...).  This is similar to a signature.

   Do not check the little box at the bottom of the window for offline connection.

4. Select the "Personal Information" button on the left-hand side of the setup window, then add your "Return Address" in the bottom box that is still blank (the upper two boxes should be filled out already). Your return address should match your Pop 3 Account at the top of the window (your e-mail address - username@dluxlink.com).

    Your dialup user name is the first part of your e-mail address -- the part before the "@" symbol.  In the example above it would be username.

5. Select the "Hosts" button  on the left-hand side of the setup window, then add in the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Server name which is:    mail.dluxlink.com    You need not fill out any other information on this window.

6. Select the "Checking Mail" button  on the left-hand side of the setup window, then put the number 30 in the little window for "Check for mail every __ minutes. This will set the mail program up to check for mail automatically when the program is opened You can change this number to any number of minutes that you choose. Be aware that you can check for mail any time you want to simply by selecting "File" then "Get Mail" in the menu bar. Also check the little box beside "Save Password", unless you want to type in your password every time you log on and check your mail.

7. Eudora is now configured, so click on the "Okay" button at the bottom of the setup window -- you may run setup again at any time by clicking on "Special" in the menu bar, then "Settings".

8. On the menu bar of the Eudora window, select "Mailbox", then select "Out" -- this will open a window for the "Out" box. Now select "Mailbox on the menu bar, then "In" -- this will open a window for the "In" box on top of the other "Out" box (that's okay for now, just leave it). On the menu bar, now select "Window", then "Tile Horizontal" -- this will tile the two mailboxes in your Eudora window, allowing you to see what is in each mailbox. You may also create your own mailboxes or close the ones there or arrange them any way you want.

How to Use Eudora Light

9. To mail an e-mail or to write a letter off-line, select the "New Message" icon Eudora New Message Icon, or select "Messages" in the menu bar and "New Message". A window will appear that you will need to address, add a subject (if you want), then write your letter. To send it, click on the "Send" button at the top of the mail window.

10. To use the "Address Book", select the "Address Book" icon Eudora Address Book Icon on the tool button bar (looks like a little Card File). Your Address Book window should open up. Select the "New" button on the bottom of the window. Another window will open up where you fill in the name of the person you want to add to your address book. After typing in the name select the "Okay" button which will close the window back to the address book and place your curser in the right-hand part of the window, where you MUST now enter the person's email address (myfriend@dluxlink.com). Now close the program and it will ask you if you want to save the changes - select "Save".

11. You may now e-mail someone using your address book, by selecting the "Address Book" icon, selecting the person you want to mail to, then selecting the "To" button. This will open a letter already addressed and ready to write and send. You may also open a letter window, then select the "Address Book" to address it (at this point you may also cc: [send copies to] a message by selecting any number of people and selecting the "CC:" button.

12. Close the Eudora program to save all your settings, then log on to Dluxlink, then open the program. The first time you log on, you will have to enter your password, but it will then save the password (if you checked that box in the setup) and you won't have to enter it again. The program should automatically retrieve your mail from the server and notify you if you have mail. If you wrote letters off-line and saved them in your "Outbox", those letters will be sent before your new mail is retrieved and a letter "S" will appear next to them in the "Outbox" telling you they have been sent. Any unread mail in the "Inbox" will have a bullet by it, until it is read.

13. Any mail deleted from any mailbox will go into the "Trash" mailbox. Letters deleted from the "Trash" mailbox are gone for good.

14. To learn how to set up Eudora for more than one person and to find out other features visit the Eudora site by clicking here



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