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Wireless FAQs

bulletBroadband Wireless

Dluxlink's new Broadband Wireless is available in limited areas.  Call today to check availability in your area.  Dluxlink's Broadband Wireless is a full-time connection to the Internet. If your computer is on you are connected to the internet.  No more waiting for modems to connect.  Speeds range from 200k to 5.5MB.  Dluxlink's Broadband Wireless is an affordable alternative to slower modem and even ISDN connections.  

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Wireless FAQs

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Equipment may be bought or leased. Prices vary depending on installation. 

A quote will be given before the installation starts. 


Setup Fee


Basic Wireless
(single computer)

Install fee $35/hr


(requires basic wireless)




Static IP (single address)
(requires basic or network service)



Subnet IP (multiple addresses)
(requires basic and network service)



C.I.R. * 
(requires basic ,network and Subnet IP service)






* CIR - Guaranteed 500k burstable to 5.5MB of dedicated bandwidth
  (committed Information Rate)

Standard business that would need to connect an existing network to wireless with a static IP address would pay $200.00 set-up and $139.95.00 / month ( Basic + Network + Static IP).

Monthly fees for Committed Information Rate of 500k burstable to 5.5MB would be $439.95 (Basic + Network + Subnet IP + C.I.R.)




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