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Wireless Frequently Asked Questions 


  1. How does wireless work?

    Dluxlink wireless customers will be provided with a high-speed wireless antenna that links their PC to the Internet, rather than using a modem hooked up to a local phone line. Users can access local news, weather, sports and entertainment information and other local content from various computer servers throughout their local area.
  1. Does wireless require a phone line?

    Dluxlink wireless customers will be provided with a high-speed service adapter that links their computers to the Internet rather than using a modem hooked up to a local phone line.   Phone lines are not used at all.
  1. How fast is wireless?

    Dluxlink 2.4 GHz wireless can deliver up to 5.5 megabits per second (Mbps) to a computer through the Ethernet interface. A number of factors determine the speed of the data as it goes from the Internet to the customer's computer. The 5 GHz wireless radio delivers up to 20+ Mbps from the Internet.
  1. What will wireless cost and what does this include?

    Dluxlink residential wireless service will cost as low as just $39.95! The monthly fee includes connection-less access to the Internet equipment. An installation involves trained staff installing the hardware and software necessary to use the wireless service
  2. When will wireless be available in my area?

    Dluxlink continues to expand it's wireless infrastructure in Northwest Arkansas.  Check our site coverage map on www.dluxlink.com or call us today to see if you are able to receive a broadband wireless signal in your home or  office.
  1. I have a network; can all of my users be online at the same time?

    With our network installation all your users will be able to share the available bandwidth.   There may need to be some minor changes made to your network depending on your configuration, these will be addressed during the site survey and installation.
  1. Can I have more than one computer connected?

    Dluxlink's residential wireless service is for one computer system, however if you have Windows 98 SE or later you may use the Internet Connection Sharing component to share the one connection.   A small router (available at most electronic stores) is best for sharing the connection.
  1. What is the installation procedure?

    When you choose to have Dluxlink wireless installed in your home, a Dluxlink technician will be dispatched to your home.   The technician will evaluate the best location to install the service adapter and install a category 5 network cable from the service adapter to your computer.   In order to connect the service adapter to your personal computer, your computer must have a Ethernet network adapter. Dluxlink can provide a Ethernet network card as part of the installation if necessary. The Dluxlink technician will install the Ethernet card, if necessary, as well as the software needed to access the Internet. To safeguard against possible data loss during this installation, we strongly recommend that you back up your system prior to the arrival of the Dluxlink technician.
  1. How does the service adapter connect to my computer?

    Serial ports and parallel ports are both too slow for wireless, so we use a Ethernet network connection between the service adapter and your computer. If you don't have a Ethernet network adapter on your computer, we'll install one for you as part of the installation.
  1. How long does the installation process take?

    The time required for installation varies depending on the type of equipment and operating system that you have. Generally we allow one hour for each installation, but additional time may be necessary depending on your location in relation to our antenna.

  1. Who owns the Ethernet card and will I need a PCI or an ISA card?

    If we installed an Ethernet card in your computer as part of the installation in your home, then you keep the card even when you cancel the service.

  1. What other advantages does wireless have over other services?

    When you computer is on your connection to the wireless network it is active - you never have to wait while your modem dials the number for your Internet Service Provider or endure the screech as the two modems jockey to establish the rate at which they will communicate. With Dluxlink's wireless, you just press a button and in a split second, you have access to the Internet and all of its content.

    No matter how many subscribers are using the service, you never have to wait for a busy signal because you won't be using a phone line. Better still, you never have to worry about line noise or other connection issues.
  1. What about security on the system? How do I know that my credit card cannot be stolen?

    Security is a concern for many current users on the Internet. Any transaction conducted over the wireless service will be equally secure to those done over your existing connection, just a lot faster. We advise customers to use common sense precautions when using their credit cards for electronic commerce -- just as they would in any other form of credit card purchasing.
  1. What about viruses?

    Unfortunately, viruses are a fact of life in today's computing environment. The wireless service is not more susceptible to viruses or their transmission than any other service. There are a number of free samples of anti-virus software available on the Internet to protect against the possibility of a virus.
  1. Do I need to protect my computer system with a firewall?

    It is always a good idea to protect yourself from potential intrusions from the internet.  Zone Alarm is a shareware firewall that will run on any windows platform. A hardware router works best. 
  1. What is the difference between wireless and DSL or cable modems?

    Dluxlink’s wireless is comparable to DSL or cable modems without the need for cable installations to your home or office.




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